Registration is now open. Two main registration modes are offered: Club / Tour Manager-managed, or Individual. Any club can choose to use one approach or the other, or both. Please review carefully the information contained in the following sections of the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 Website before commencing your registration process:
·        COVID-19 page
·        Registration page
·        FAQ (Costs and Fees)

As in previous tournaments, team staff (for ex. coaches), referees, and supporters are invited to register in the appropriate category; player - coaches must sign up as players if they intend to step onto a pitch, even if only for five minutes. Volunteers and media will be registered through a different process.

Register now

Registration will close at 23:59 on 30 June 2022. Kindly note that the registration fee is non-refundable.  More information is available in the FAQ section.

What do I get with Registration?

Registration includes access to the players' village, lunches on-site during the tournament, access to all Bingham-related events, notably the opening and closing ceremonies, participation in the Flash Your Badge rebate program, free access to the City of Ottawa’s public transportation during the tournament period and more.

Individual Registration

Individuals will of course be able to sign up on their own, indicating the name of the club with which they are affiliated, or listing themselves as unaffiliated.

Individual registrants will be able to edit their own registration records, whether those were created by themselves or by a club/tour manager; so there will be at most two individuals who will have editing rights for any given registrant record.

World Barbarians and unaffiliated players who wish to sign up will find options letting them indicate their affiliation, or lack thereof, as well.

Individual registrations can only be paid by credit card.

Referees and referee-players

It is possible to sign up as a referee-player for Bingham 2022. Only individuals who are already affiliated with an IGR club will be allowed to do so; unaffiliated individuals cannot sign up as match officials with the Barbarians, or as unaffiliated players willing to be assigned to any team short of players.

Referees have to sign up under one of three category:

  • 'ISIRR', meaning they are part of ISIRR and do not wish to play during the tournament;
  • 'Unaffiliated', meaning they are not affiliated with ISIRRand are signing up as game officials;
  • With an IGR Club, selecting 'referee' as their registration category; in this case Bingham 2022 will contact the registrant directly to make arrangements for the payment of player registration fee,s as anyone who plays, even five minutes, must pay those fees

Individuals who have already signed up as referees affiliated with an IGR club prior to these eligibility changes will be contacted by email to clarify their registration status. Individuals who have signed up as 'Unaffiliated' will be invited to review their registration and select either 'ISIRR' or 'Unaffiliated'.

Individuals who sign up as referee-players must understand that for the purposes of tournament, fixtures, and referree assignments planning they will be considered referees first and players second. Referee-players whose clubs end up with 20 or fewer registered players when registrations close will automatically be excluded from the game officials pool; furthermore, no special provisions will be made regarding referee assignments apart from avoiding having a referee-player officiating a match in which his/her club is playing. Skipping on a refereeing assignment without a valid reason such as by electing to simply play a match instead of officiating in case of a scheduling conflict) will result in disciplinary action, up to and including stripping an offending individual's Bingham credentials entirely.

Women's bracket registration fees

Women's bracket registration fees will be blocked at the Early Bird rate for the whole registration period – until June 30.

Old Boys / IGR Veterans

There will be an Old Boys (henceforth referred to as IGR Veterans) game / bracket at Bingham 2022 Ottawa. Participants will have two options, provided that they have reached the age of 35 by the first day of the tournament (August 18th, 2022):

Option 1

They can sign up for the ‘IGR Veterans’ side when registering. This will indicate to tournament organizers that they wish to play in the IGR Veterans bracket and in that bracket only. This means anywhere from one to three (or possibly more) standard Bingham-length matches (40min.) Participants who register in this fashion will be guaranteed to play in the IGR Veterans bracket but can only play in that bracket.

Option 2

They can sign up as regular players, selecting the club with which they are affiliated, the World Barbarians, or no affiliation, and indicating they are also available to play in the IGR Veterans bracket. This means they will be playing with a regular side during the regular Bingham brackets, and will therefore possibly play up to six 40min. matches, and will also be available to play in IGR Veterans bracket matches, as scheduling allows.

As IGR Veterans participants will be players, they will be charged the ‘player’ registration fee; there will not be a special fee structure for IGR Veterans.

Participants registered with Rugby Canada

Canadian players who are not members of current Canadian IGR clubs (the Armada, the Muddy York, the Rogues or the Wolves) can demonstrate their registration with Rugby Canada through any otherCanadian club; if they are not registered with Rugby Canada, they will be registered through the Wolves for the duration of the tournament. This is a mandatory Rugby Canada step and has no bearing upon the final side to which those players will be assigned for the tournament itself.

Mixed / Composite Sides

“My club will not be travelling as a team to Ottawa. Can I still sign up?”

Of course! Individuals who find themselves in such a situation have a couple of options:

Option 1

They can reach out to another club that they know well, and ask to play with them – and upon registration, sign up with them! Easy-peasy. This can also apply to small groups of players: if none of clubs A, B and C will be registering full sides, but all three will send a handful of players, they can discuss merging plans right now and (say) agree that players from clubs B and C will sign up under club A's name; they can play under a completely different, just-for-this-Bingham, identity once the tournament comes! The Bingham 2022 Ottawa organizing committee strongly urges that those arrangements be made as early as possible as it will lessen the player-dispatching and sides-creating burden placed upon the tournament liaison committee in the weeks leading up to the tournament itself. If clubs do make such arrangements, please send an email providing details to

Option 2

They can simply sign up as an unaffiliated player, in which case in the days leading up to the tournament they will be assigned to a side which finds itself short of players, as per the rules / process set by the tournament liaison committee. Their own preferences regarding the club to which they'll be dispatched may or may not be taken into consideration – the position they play will usually be the defining factor: if they're an inside center, and the club they really really like is short a tighthead prop, they probably won't be assigned to it. If they already know they would wish to play with this or that club, they should talk to them now and register under that club’s name.

Club / Tour Manager-managed Registration

The registration portal will let anyone self-designate as Club/Tour Manager for any given club upon registration; that individual will be able to register and pay for several players and other affiliated registrants at once. Club/tour managers will also be able to log in, purchase registration packages, and register participants in several volleys, as needed, and to edit all of their club’s registration records, up to the close of the registration period; they will have editing rights for all registrant records which are part of their club.

Because the organizing committee did not want to slow down the registration process unduly, we chose not to put in an approval process for Club/Tour Managers; If a club wishes to designate a new individual to act as Club/Tour Manager, it must send an email to that effect to

The Club/Tour Manager will not need to have all their club registrants’ details upfront; they will purchase registration ‘blanks’, which have to / can be filled out later. As a Club/Tour Manager holds editing rights over the entire set of their club’s records, they can fill those out themselves. Alternatively (and less work intensive for them!), they can issue sign-up codes for already-purchased registrations to their club’s participants and ask them to fill out the registration fields. Club / Tour Managers who will be attending the 2022 Bingham Cup themselves in any capacity need to use one of the registration codes they purchase to register themselves in the appropriate category: player, team staff, etc. Conversely it is also possible for a Club / Tour Manager to not travel to Ottawa for the Bingham Cup and therefore to not need to use one of their club's registration codes.

As registration records will remain editable until the end of the registration period (until 30 June 2022), Club/Tour Managers will be able re-assign an already-purchased registration to someone else should the original registrant find themselves unable to participate in the tournament. The organizing committee will review and approve such reassignments to ensure that no one is deprived of their right to play without their knowledge.

If a club were to wish to pay for bulk registration through a bank transfer, please email for banking details, copying

I.D. Badges

Please note that Bingham 2022 Ottawa will issue ID badges with photos. Therefore, you will be invited to upload a face picture when you register, or later, at your convenience. Registrants who do not provide a photo will not be issued an ID badge; furthermore, participants will need to show another piece of photo ID (such as a passport or a driver’s license) when they pick up their ID badge.  Players whose identity cannot be verified through proper Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 credentials with photo will not be allowed to step onto a pitch (if they signed up as players) and will be refused entry at Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 events, as Bingham 2022 ID badges will be used as proof of legal drinking age (19 in Ontario).

As registration records will be editable up until the end of the registration period, you will not need to upload a photo immediately when you register. However, a certain number of mandatory fields will need to be filled out when a record is created, such as a first name, last name, and email address.

Pricing Structure

Since the bid in 2018 to present day, the Ottawa Wolves RFC and its Bingham Cup Ottawa organizing committee have been steadfast in ensuring that the 10thedition of the tournament was the most inclusive and affordable ever.  With everything that has happened since 2018– we are incredibly proud to have stayed true to our vision and values for a truly world-class rugby tournament in August 2022.   

We’ve also been listening: your feedback was very important to us.  Your message was loud and clear: a majority wanted a pricing structure that didn’t have caps or limits for each pricing category.  Rather, the cut-off was to be time-based.  So for Bingham Cup Ottawa2022, the Registration Fee Pricing Structure is as follows:

Early Bird
31 January 2022
30 April 2022
30 June 2022
Team Staff / Supporter
Match official

Registration fees

All prices in Canadian dollars.
Registration fees are quoted without the Harmonized Sales Tax of 13%, which will be added and visible on a separate line on your invoice.
As of November 26 1 CAD = 0,79 USD; 0,59 GBP; 0,70 EUR; 1.09 AUD; 1.14 NZD.
Match officials will not have to pay a registration fee provided they referee for at least one full day.