Frequently Asked Questions

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How and when will practice pitches be assigned?

Practice pitches will be made available to clubs (not to individual sides – all sides of a large club will need to practicetogether) upon request. Some time next spring an email will go out to all clubs providing the specifics of the process. Practice pitches will be available on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of tournament week.

Can one individual manage/purchase registrations on behalf of their club?

The registration portal will allow only one individual per club to act as a Club/Tour Manager; that individual will have editing rights for all registrants records which are part of his/her club. Any individual registrant will also be able to edit their own record – so there will be at most two individuals who will have editing rights for any given record. If a club wishes to designate a new individual to act as Club/Tour Manager, it must send an email to that effect to

How can someone register as a club’s Club/Tour Manager?

The registration portal will let someone self-designate as Club/Tour Manager upon registration. Once an individual has identified as such, they will be able to bulk purchase registrations of various types, and to edit all of their club registrants’ records, whether created/purchased by them, or by others (i.e. individual registrants signing up as members of their club). If a club wishes to designate a new individual to act as Club/Tour Manager, it must send an email to that effect to Because the organising committee did not want to slow down the registration process unduly, and thereby prevent clubs from benefiting from the pre-sale price, we chose not to put in an approval process for Club/Tour Managers.

What is the limit to how many registrations a club can purchase during the pre-sale period?

There is no limit to how many registrations a club can purchase during the pre-sale period. There is, however, a ceiling to how many will be available to a club at the pre-sale price – 5 player registrations and 1 ‘other’ (i.e., coach, supporter, medic, etc.) registration per club. 150 player registrations and 25 ‘other’ registrations will be available at the pre-sale price.

A club will be able to purchase any number of registrations as soon as the portal opens, but additional registrations (above the 5/1 ceiling) will automatically be charged at the early bird price. Once all early bird registrations are sold (450 male player and 100 ‘other’ registrations), additional registrations will be charged at the regular price, until April 30th, 2020, and at the late registration price until June 30, 2020 (for player registrations); additional ‘other’ registrations will be charged at the normal price until June 30, 2020.

That sounds complicated. Can you present that in a different format?

Of course! Here’s a handy table:

Male Player Female Player Coach / team staff / Supporter / etc Referee
Pre-sale 150 150 150 0
Early bird 245 245 230 0
Regular 290 245 275 0
Late registration 350 245 275 0
All prices in Canadian dollars.

Will a Club/Tour Manager need all their players’ info upfront when they bulk-purchase registrations?

No. A Club/Tour Manager will purchase registration ‘blanks’, which have to / can be filled out later. As a Club/Tour Manager holds editing rights over the entire set of their club’s records, they can fill those out themselves. Alternatively (and less work intensive for them!), they can issue sign-up codes for already-purchased registrations to their club’s participants and ask them to fill out the registration fields.

Will it be possible to edit and/or reassign registrations?

Yes. Registration records will remain editable until the end of the registration period, June 30, 2020. This means that a Club/Tour Manager can re-assign an already-purchased registration to someone else should the original registrant find themselves unable to participate in the tournament. The organising committee will review and approve such reassignments to ensure that no one is deprived of their right to play without their knowledge.

Will I need a photo immediately?

No. Registration records can be edited up until the end of the registration period on June 30, 2020. However, a certain number of mandatory fields will need to be filled out when a record is created, such as a first name, last name, and email address.

It is important to note that Bingham 2020 Ottawa ID cards will include a photo and those photos will be checked against the individuals presenting them and against the rosters of players credentialed to play in Canada before every game. Any player showing up without a proper Bingham 2020 Ottawa player ID, or not listed on a club’s roster of credentialed players, will not be allowed to step foot onto a pitch.

Where should I go for the most up to date information regarding all things Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020?

This website ( will be the primary platform to share all of the necessary information related to the tournament. It is a one-stop shop for all that is. Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020. It will continue to grow and be updated in the lead up to the tournament. This approach is to ensure that everyone across the globe gets the same information, at the same time. One platform with one clear message to our entire rugby community across the globe!

In Canada, taxes are usually not included in the price. What taxes will I be charged and in what amount?

Municipal Accommodation Tax

How much is the Municipal Accommodation Tax and how is it applied?

The Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) is 4% and came into effect January 1, 2018. It is only application to the room portion of the costs associated to overnight accommodations. All other revenues generated from the accommodation services including, but not limited to, meeting room rental, food and beverage, room service, laundry services, parking etc. are excluded from MAT.

I plan on staying at an AirBnB during my stay in Ottawa, do I need to pay the MAT for stay in private residences?

Yes, as of August 1, 2018 when booking your accommodations on AirBnB you will pay 4% MAT of your total costs.

In the registration portal, if you plan on staying at an AirBnB, please provide the details. We have secured a grant from Tourism Ottawa which is paid on the amount of room nights by attendees at the tournament which is funded by the MAT. Therefore, we require to provide the details of your AirBnB rental at registration time in order to collect our full grant amount. Same applies if you are staying at a non-tournament hotel. If you are booking accommodations at one of our tournament hotels or the University of Ottawa residences, the MAT will appear on your invoice.

Can I refuse to pay the MAT?

No. The MAT is mandatory and must be paid at the same time that you pay for the accommodation.

What happens with the funds generated through the MAT?

Funds generated through the MAT are invested in destination marketing, sales and development activities through Tourism Ottawa, the city’s official destination marketing organization. Tourism Ottawa promotes Ottawa for leisure visitors, meeting and conventions, major events, media relations, tour operators and travel trade. Tourism Ottawa also invests in long term destination development initiatives aimed at enhancing the visitor experience.

As stated above, we will be recipients of a grant from Tourism Ottawa based on room night occupation. This grant is used to fund the tournament and to offset participation costs for the whole of the tournament.

Harmonized Sales Tax

What is the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and how much is it?

The HST is a consumption tax in Canada. It is used in provinces where both the federal goods and service tax (GST) and the regional provincial sales tax (PST) have been combined into a single value added sales tax.

In Ontario, the HST is 13%.

Can I refuse to pay the HST?

No. Doing so would be an infringement of both federal and provincial law.

Will there be any administration/processing fees when I register for the tournament?

All registrations, whether they be an individual registration or a club registration, will not be subject to any administration fee.

How do I book at the tournament hotels or University of Ottawa residences? Will there be any administration/processing fee associated with securing accommodations at those locations?

To access tournament hotels at reduced pricing or University of Ottawa residences at reduced pricing, you must book through Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 website. There is a $15.75CAD reservation fee. This one-time fee applies to individual bookings or group bookings (no matter how many rooms are booked). Resida offers an Attendee Call Center and Customer Service support as well as Housing Management and Support for all your tournament booking needs. They can be reached at:

Toll Free: 1-888-737-4232


The Bingham Cup has designated Resiada as its only official housing provider. You must reserve your hotel room through the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 website to access the Resiada web booking portal and receive specially negotiated rates. Rates and reservations for the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 are only guaranteed when booked through Resiada.

You cannot access the special rates or reserved room blocks by booking directly with the hotels: you must go through the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 website to access the Resiada web booking portal and receive specially negotiated rates.

While other companies may contact you about hotel reservations, they are not endorsed by the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 in any capacity. For your protection, please exercise caution when making hotel arrangements. Hotel resellers or housing scammers frequently pose as official vendors and this may put you at risk. Please ensure that you are booking hotel reservations through the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 website to access the Resiada web booking portal.

If you have any questions on hotel or residence bookings, do not hesitate to contact Resiada at the contact information above.

Any new development on keeping the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 as affordable as possible?

The Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 remains committed and steadfast in delivering the most affordable experience possible. Since our bid, we’ve been able to secure new deals with our Canadian partners and vendors.

University of Ottawa Commitment

The University of Ottawa has agreed to honour the pricing commitment for accommodations they made in 2017. As such, we are offering significantly discounted and inexpensive rates in the Residences, as well as for the cost of the meal plans.

Air Canada Discount

We doubled our efforts and secured a 10% discount code from Air Canada to lower the cost of travelling to the tournament.

Flash Your Badge

We negotiated a contract with Tourism Ottawa to obtain significant discounts to all manner of businesses in the City through the Flash-your-Badge program. From restaurants to all manner of entertainment, every registered participants will enjoy the discounts. All you have to do is flash your tournament badge and voilà, instant discount!