Frequently Asked Questions

This website ( will be the primary platform to share all of the necessary information related to the tournament. It is a one-stop shop for all that is. Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022. It will continue to grow and be updated in the lead up to the tournament. This approach is to ensure that everyone across the globe gets the same information, at the same time. One platform with one clear message to our entire rugby community across the globe!

Cost and fees

The prices are in Canadian dollars – but I don’t live Canada. Can you assist in estimating the price in my local currency?

Please find the estimated currency conversion prices for the registration fees.  The conversions are estimates based on the exchange rates as at November 8, 2021.

Category $ in CAD $ in USD, as of November 8 exchange rates £ in pound sterling, November 8 exchange rates € in euro, as of November 8 exchange rates
Player Early Bird (Until January 31, 2022) $275 CAD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) $220 USD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) £163.04 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) €190.72 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%)
Player Standard (Until April 31, 2022) $335 CAD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) $269.05 USD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) £198.62 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) €232.33 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%)
Player Late (Until June 31, 2022) $435 CAD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) $349.36 USD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) £257,91 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) €301.69 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%)
Supporter Early Bird (Until January 31, 2022) $225 CAD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) $180 USD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) £133.40 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) €156.05 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%)
Supporter Standard (Until April 31, 2022) $275 CAD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) $220.86 USD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) £163.04 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) €190.72 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%)
Supporter Late - (Until June 31, 2022) $375 CAD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) $301.17 USD + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) £223.33 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%) €260.08 + applicable taxes (HST is 13%)


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The registration fee is stated as being non-refundable – why is that? And what happens if the tournament is cancelled?

The bulk of the contracts executed with service providers and venues require anon-refundable deposit, payable by January 31, 2022.  As the tournament date gets closer, most of the contracts require periodic payments to be made, ahead of the tournament date.  

In the unlikely scenario where the tournament was cancelled, many payments may have been made, limiting our ability to provide refunds. This is why the registration fee is non-refundable.  

It is the intention of the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 organizing committee, in the unlikely scenario that the tournament is cancelled, to return as many of the unused funds on a pro-rata basis, just as we did in 2020.  Kindly note, however, that it is impossible for us to guarantee the quantum of return of funds, if any.  That is why the registration fee is non-refundable.

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Any new development on keeping the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 as affordable as possible?

The Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 remains committed and steadfast in delivering the most affordable experience possible. Since our bid, we’ve been able to secure new deals with our Canadian partners and vendors. In fact, many of our partners have maintained their price points, despite the postponement of the Tournament. For example, the accommodations at the University of Ottawa are price points secured in 2017, during our bid-process – and they have and will be maintained for 2022. Some examples:

University of Ottawa Commitment

The University of Ottawa has agreed to honour the pricing commitment for accommodations they made in 2017. As such, we are offering significantly discounted and inexpensive rates in the Residences, as well as for the cost of the meal plans.

Air Canada Discount

We redoubled our efforts and secured a 10% discount code from Air Canada to lower the cost of travelling to the tournament. You can find it here (you'll need to scroll down).

Flash Your Badge

We negotiated a contract with Tourism Ottawa to obtain significant discounts in a whole gamut of businesses and attractions in the City through the Flash-your-Badge program. From restaurants to all manner of entertainment, every registered participant will enjoy the discounts. All you have to do is flash your tournament badge and voilĂ , instant discount!

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In Canada, taxes not included in posted prices. What taxes will I be charged and in what amount?


What is the Harmonized Sales Tax(HST) and how much is it?

The HST is the Canadian sales tax – it is similar in application and scope to the VAT charged in dozens of countries, including in all EU member states and in the United Kingdom. It is charged in provinces where both the federal goods and service tax (GST) and the provincial sales tax (PST) have been combined into a single value added sales tax. In Ontario, the HST is 13%.

When you will be in the Ottawa area, it is possible you will cross the river and visit Gatineau, which is located in QuĂ©bec. There you will instead see two taxes on your receipts: the federal GST (which will appear as 'TPS', for ‘taxe sur les produits et services’) and the QuĂ©bec PST ( 'TVQ' for ‘taxe de vente du QuĂ©bec’). Their rates are 5% and 9.975%,respectively.

MunicipalAccommodation Tax

How much is the Municipal Accommodation Tax and how is it applied?

The Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) is set at 4% and funds tourism-related activities in Ottawa; It is only applied to the room portion of the costs associated to overnight accommodations. It is also charged added to the cost of private home / apartment rentals (e.g., AirBnB rentals). In the registration portal, if you plan on staying at an AirBnB, please provide the details. We have secured a grant from Tourism Ottawa whose amount is based on the number of room-nights booked by attendees at the tournament, a tournament which is funded in part by the MAT. Therefore, we have to collect info on AirBnB rentals at registration time in order to collect our full grant amount; the same applies if you are staying at a non-tournament hotel. If you are booking accommodations at one of our tournament hotels or at the University of Ottawa residences, you do no need to provide us additional info.

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Will there be any administration/processing fees when I register for the tournament?

All registrations, whether they be an individual registration or a club registration, will not be subject to any administration fee.

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How do I get to the practice pitches before the tournament shuttles start? / Comment puis-je me rendre sur les terrains d'entraßnement avant le début des navettes du tournoi?

Access to practice pitches are through the use of OC Transpo - use your transit pass and take the LRT east to Blair Road LRT Station.  The 28 bus heading to "Blackburn Hamlet" will get you the rest of the way!


L'accÚs aux terrains d'entraßnement se fait par OC Transpo - utilisez votre laissez-passer de transport en commun et prenez le TLR vers l'est jusqu'à la station TLR de Blair Road.  L'autobus 28 en direction de "Blackburn Hamlet" vous permettra de faire le reste du chemin!

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Where can I find all the medical resources available in Ottawa? / OĂč puis-je trouver toutes les ressources mĂ©dicales disponibles Ă  Ottawa?

The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Centre has prepared a dedidcated page for the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 with all the health information, resources and services you may need.  Just go to:


Le Centre de santé sexuelle pour hommes gays a préparé une page dédiée à la Coupe Bingham Ottawa 2022 avec toutes les informations, ressources et services de santé dont vous pourriez avoir besoin.  Il suffit de se rendre à l'adresse suivante :

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How do I become a movie star by attending Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022? Comment vais-je devenir une star du cinéma en raison de ma partcipation à la Coupe Bingham Ottawa 2022?

Strike a pose. Ready for your close up?  The Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 organizing committee is thrilled to announce a partnership with Rogers Community TV.  For the first time ever at a Bingham Cup, a professional camera crew, with multiple cameras, a mobile satellite truck and elevated platforms will capture a number of quarter and semi finals action on Saturday, and crucially, all the final games on Sunday – and live stream them!  That’s right: anyone not in Ottawa will be able to watch alive web stream of all of the action taking place on the centre pitch! 


More details regarding the identity of our game commentators and web stream link to come – so stay tuned! 


 -- - 

Prenez votre pose. PrĂȘt pour votre gros plan?  Le comitĂ© organisateur de la Coupe Bingham Ottawa 2022 est heureux d'annoncer un partenariat avec la chaĂźne de tĂ©lĂ©vision communautaire Rogers.  Pour la toute premiĂšre fois lors d'une Coupe Bingham, une Ă©quipe de cameramen professionnels, avec plusieurs camĂ©ras, un camion satellite mobile et des plates-formes surĂ©levĂ©es, capteront un certain nombre de match de quart et de demi-finale le samedi, et crucialement, tous les matchs de finale le dimanche - et les diffuseront en direct!  En effet, tous ceux qui ne seront pas Ă  Ottawa pourront suivre en direct sur leweb toute l'action qui se dĂ©roulera sur le terrain central! 


Plus de dĂ©tails concernant l'identitĂ© de nos commentateurs de match et l’hyperlien Ă  venir - alors restez Ă  l'Ă©coute ! 


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What if I get injured while playing in the tournament? / Que se passe-t-il si je me blesse en participant au tournoi ?

The Bingham Cup Ottawa 2022 organizers wish to offer players the safest possible tournament experience possible.  So we’re right chuffed to provide you all with an update all of the services that will be in place to provide the safest playing environment possible.

  • We can now confirm that there will be an Athletic Therapist located at every active playing field for the duration of tournament play, offeringpre-game taping, acute injury assessments and initial concussion assessments.  Do not expect treatments on field: The priority is watching game in play and preparing able athletes for the game.  Injured athletes will be treated in the dome (barring an acute injury requiring treatment and transport by paramedics);
  • There will Athletic Therapists, supported by volunteer paramedics, chiro, massage therapists, physio students and Athletic Therapy certification candidates and kinĂ© students from the uOttawa trainers course present within the dome to provide injury assessment and treatment;
  • Bring your own tape.  There will be limited amounts of tape on sale in the dome (cash only - zinc oxide 1.5 inch, the white rolls).  Should your team wish to place an order for tape ahead of the tournament, please contact Kinemedics at their 250 City Centre location and ask to speak with Mark Simonson to make arrangements (;
  • Drivers onsite to take any non-acutely injured player to the hospital for treatment and back to the desired drop-off location (tournament grounds, hotel, uOttawa residences); and,
  • Know that our emergency plan for the assessment and management of injuries has been reviewed and approved City of Ottawa.

Trusting this will be of relief, especially to the leadership of travelling clubs.  We’ve got you.  Looking forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks!


Les organisateurs de la Coupe Bingham Ottawa 2022 souhaitent offrir aux joueurs l'expérience de tournoi la plus sûre possible.  Nous sommes donc ravis de vous fournir une mise à jour de tous les services qui seront en place pour fournir l'environnement de jeu le plus sûr possible.

- Nous pouvons maintenant confirmer qu'il y aura un thérapeute du sport sur chaque terrain de jeu actif pendant toute la durée du tournoi, offrant des enregistrements d'avant-match, des évaluations de blessures aiguës et des évaluations initiales de commotions cérébrales.  Ne vous attendez pas à recevoir des traitements sur le terrain : La priorité est d'observer le jeu en cours et de préparer les athlÚtes aptes au jeu.  Les athlÚtes blessés seront traités dans le dÎme (sauf en cas de blessure aiguë nécessitant un traitement et un transport par des ambulanciers) ;

- Des thérapeutes du sport, soutenus par des ambulanciers bénévoles, des chiro, des massothérapeutes, des étudiants en physiothérapie et des candidats à la certification en thérapie du sport et des étudiants en kiné du cours d'entraßnement de l'Université d'Ottawa seront présents dans le dÎme pour évaluer et traiter les blessures ;

- Apportez votre propre ruban adhésif.  Il y aura des quantités limitées de ruban adhésif en vente dans le dÎme (argent comptant seulement - oxyde de zinc de 1,5 pouce, les rouleaux blancs).  Si votre équipe souhaite passer une commande de ruban adhésif avant le tournoi, veuillez contacter Kinemedics au 250 City Centre et demander à parler à Mark Simonson pour prendre les dispositions nécessaires ( ;

- Des chauffeurs sur place pour emmener tout joueur blessé de façon non aiguë à l'hÎpital pour qu'il y reçoive des soins et le ramener au lieu de dépÎt souhaité (terrain du tournoi, hÎtel, résidences de l'Université d'Ottawa),

- Sachez que notre plan d'urgence pour l'évaluation et la gestion des blessures a été examiné et approuvé par la Ville d'Ottawa.  

Nous espérons que ces informations seront un soulagement, surtout pour les dirigeants des clubs itinérants.  Nous sommes là pour vous.  Au plaisir de vous voir tous dans quelques semaines !


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What about Mokeypox should I be aware of before I travel to Ottawa? / Que dois-je savoir quant Ă  variole du singe (Simienne) avant de me rendre Ă  Ottawa

At the present time, Ottawa has a limited number of cases of Monkeypox, with additional cases in the surrounding areas including Montreal and Toronto.

Ottawa Public Health and its healthcare partners have been, and are continuing to work on vaccinating eligible residents of Ottawa to help slow the spread.

Ottawa Public Health highly recommends that Bingham Cup participants follow the directives of their local health authority.  Though not mandatory, Ottawa Public Health also recommends individuals obtain their monkeypox vaccine before travelling to Ottawa.

Live in Ottawa? You can book your vaccine now. Learn more about Monkeypox in Ottawa:


Présentement, un nombre limité de cas de variole du singe (Simienne) ont été recensés à Ottawa et dans les environs, notamment Montréal et Toronto.

SantĂ© publique Ottawa et ses partenaires en soins de santĂ© continue de s’affairer Ă  vacciner les rĂ©sidents d’Ottawa admissibles afin de freiner la propagation de la maladie.

Santé publique Ottawa recommande fortement aux participants de la Coupe Bingham de suivre les directives de leur autorité sanitaire locale.   Quoique non-obligatoire, Santé publique Ottawa recommande aussi au participants de se faire vacciner contre la variole du singe avant de se rendre à Ottawa.

Vous habitez Ă  Ottawa? Prenez rendez-vous pour recevoir le vaccin maintenant.

Pour en savoir plus sur la variole du singe Ă  Ottawa :


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How and when will practice pitches be assigned?

Practice pitches will be made available to clubs (not to individual sides – all sides of a large club will need to practice together) upon request. Some time next spring an email will go out to all clubs providing the specifics of the process. Practice pitches will be available on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of tournament week.

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Will there be an Old Boys’ game? Or a whole Old Boys’ bracket?

There will be an Old Boys’ bracket. Please check under ‘Registration’ for all the details.

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Why will the 2022 Cup run over 4 days instead of the usual 3? I don't have a lot of leave!

The decision regarding length of gameplay is a compromise between the number of pitches available and the number of game days; the more of the former, the fewer of the latter. Based on current estimates, the Bingham 2022 Ottawa organizing committee will not need to book the second venue (Shefford Park) which was part of the original plan, if the tournament takes place over four days; this will reduce costs in several areas (pitch booking fees, pitch set up, ancillary merchandise booths, shuttles between sites, etc.). We believe it is preferable to keep overall tournament costs down, even if it means lengthening the tournament by a day.

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