Bingham Cup 2020 Schedule

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Saturday, August 8
6-7 pm

Tournament Draw

The official Tournament draw will takeplace on August 8th, 2020 at 6pm. This page will be updated after the drawtakes place.

Sunday, August 9
12 -5 pm

Tour of Parliament

Discover one of Canada’s most iconic sites and a must-see when visiting Ottawa. The historic, neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings stand tall on a hill overlooking the majestic Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa. Home to Canada’s federal government, this landmark is steeped in history and boasts beautiful gothic structures that will leave you in awe.

For those interested, you can take a tour of the Parliament of Canada.  As members of the public, tickets are free but are offered on a first come, first serve basis.  For more information on howand when to secure your ticket, please attend at the Capital Information Kiosk, located in front of Parliament Hill at 90 Wellingon Street, Ottawa Ontario.  For more information, click on the following link:

Monday, August 10
8 am - 5 pm

White Water Rafting

For those wanting a more exhilarating experience while in Ottawa, there will be an optional white-water rafting excursion scheduled to take place August 10th from 8am to 5pm. This is a full day event and will be a thrilling experience for those wanting to experience the Ottawa River Rapids.

Cost is $185.00 CAD per person, for the whole day of rafting, transport and lunch, all provided by Owl Rafting (

Location: Pick-up and drop-off will be at the University of Ottawa Campus, beside University Square.  The actual outing will be at Owl Rafting.

Participants can book their spot when registering for the tournament. The waiver can be found at
Capacity is 300 people for the day.  Registration will be on first come first serve basis so book early so you don’t miss out!

Tuesday, August 11
5-8 pm

IGR AGM + Bingham Cup 2022 Bid Presentations

The IGR AGM and bid presentations for Bingham Cup 2022 will take place upon conclusion of the Summit on TransAthletes.

Location: Fauteux Hall, University of Ottawa

8 am - 4:30 pm

Summit on Trans-Athletes

Trans-athletes face unique challenges and are often overlooked. The issue of the rights oft rans-athletes and their ability to participate in sports, at all levels, is a growing and pressing concern. In partnership with the Common Law faculty at the University of Ottawa, Égale, You Can Play, Rugby Ontario, BC Rugby, Monash University, University of Ste-Mary’s, UBC, the Bingham Cup Ottawa 2020 will deliver a conference that will address these issues and foster positive change.

Location: Fauteux Hall, University of Ottawa

Wednesday, August 12: Morning
8-10 am

Referee Clinics

Referees, just like the players and coaching staff, will get a referee clinic which will be geared specifically to improve their skills and update them on critical law changes. Moreover, they will review in depth the specific rules for the tournament and areas of concern previously encountered at the Bingham Cup.

Location: Gee-Gees Field, Lees Campus, University of Ottawa

10 am - 11 am

Dedication Ceremony

In memory of Mark Bingham, Bingham Cup 2020 will ensure the legacy of Mark Bingham and IGR values are celebrated, long after the tournament has left Ottawa.

A Canadian Maple Tree will be planted overlooking a newly upgraded pitch at Ken Steele park and a plaque will be unveiled by Alice Hoagland, officially naming it, the Mark Bingham Field.

Location: Mark Bingham Field at Ken Steele Park, Ottawa, Ontario

10 am - 12 pm

Coaching Clinics

Coaching staff will find a dedicated clinic to address their needs. It is our intention to survey the coaches prior to their attendance at the tournament so that the program for their clinic can best address their current needs.

Location: Gee-Gees Field, Lees Campus, University of Ottawa

Wednesday, August 12: Afternoon
1-2 pm

Tournament Picture

Due to the ongoing renovation works to the Parliament Buildings, the all-teams tournament picture will be moved both in location and time.  The new location and time slot will provide for a full afternoon of “free time” prior to the opening ceremonies, later on that evening.

The new all-tournament photograph session, which will consist of a series of pictures of all tournament participants will take place on the University Campus at 1:00pm.  This will also make it easier for everyone to make to the Captain’s meeting later that day at 2:00pm.

Location: Gee-Gees Field, Lees Campus, University of Ottawa

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Captain's Meeting

The Captains’ Meeting will take place right after the Tournament Picture.  This will enable all participants to be done will all administrative issues related to the tournament well ahead of the opening ceremonies.

Location: TBD

Wednesday, August 12: Evening
7-11 pm

Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies will be staged at the beautiful National Arts Centre (NAC), Canada’s showcase of the performing arts. Having just undergone a multi-million-dollar renovation, the NAC has an amazing, state-of-the-art Opera House. Every attendee will get a great view, either from their comfortable seats in the main house or from the televisions set-up in the multiple antechambers. The NAC has an experienced team who will deliver the refreshments of your choice, which can, amazingly, be brought into the Opera House! Expect a truly world-class opening ceremonies, celebrating IGR& Canada’s history and values through a sound & light show, performance by Canada’s First Nation’s elders and the participation of the Captains of every side present, on the main stage!

Location: National Arts Center (NAC)

Thursday, August 13
7 am - 7 pm

Day 1 - Pool Play

Bingham Cup Tournament Day 1

Info coming soon.

7-9 pm

Wheelchair Rugby Exhibition Games

Bingham Cup is proud to be partnering with the Canadian Wheelchair Sport Association to host for the first time ever at Bingham Cup, a Murderball (wheelchair rugby) exhibition game.

Location: University of Ottawa

Friday, August 14
7 am -7 pm

Day 2 - Pool Play

Bingham Cup Tournament Day 2

Info coming soon.

Saturday, August 15
7 am -7 pm

Day 3 - Pool Play

Bingham Cup Tournament Day 3

Info coming soon.

Sunday, August 16: Day
7 am - 7 pm

Day 4 - Finals

Bingham Cup Tournament Day 4

Info coming soon.

Sunday, August 16: Evening
7 pm - 12 am

Closing Ceremonies and Party

The Closing Ceremonies will take place at the historic TD Place at Lansdowne Park. Located on the southern edge of the Glebe neighbourhood in Ottawa, TD Place is Ottawa’s urban sports and entertainment destination. The stadium features 24,000 seats outdoors and 10,000 seats indoors. It’s home to the Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League, the North American Soccer League’s Ottawa Fury Football Club, and the Ottawa 67’s of the Ottawa Hockey League. Located alongside the west bank of the world renown Rideau Canal and within the heart of Ottawa’s new sports and entertainment district, this location is perfect for accommodating hungry ruggers who are ready to celebrate the tournament’s end. We are planning to have a brief ceremony and trophy presentation for players, followed by a lively party for all with DJs and entertainment.

Location: TD Place

Monday, August 17
10 am -3 pm

Farewell Brunch

Info coming soon.

Location: TBD