Registration is now closed for Bingham Cup 2016.


 Read below for a few answers to frequently asked questions before you register. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Can individual players and teams both use this link?
Absolutely, once you create an account, the first screen you will see will ask for your team name. If you’re creating a team registration you will input the team name in that field. If you’re registering individually just put “UNAFFILIATED.”

Does one person have to register the whole team?
Of course not. While some teams may have someone handling all the registrations, individuals can still register (and pay) separately. Just make sure your team isn't going to register you so we can avoid double registrations. Also please pay close attention and select the correct team for affiliation when registering. 

Do I have to pay when I register?
Yes, while you don’t have to have all the information (see below) , you will be required to pay for the number of players that you wish to register. You will notice the Bingham Tournament fee, IGR fee and 3.75% online processing fee.

I am not registering a team, I am unaffiliated or a supporter – do I still need to fill out the Team Information section?
Yes, if you aren’t registering a team, just fill out this section with all of your information.  Please pay special attention to the country field as USA Rugby will require a valid CIPP for every US player.

I want to register as many players, coaches and supporters as I can to take advantage of early registration  - what information do I need?
The good news is we don’t have to have everything today, while we need names in order to have a placeholder in the database you can return to the registration at a later date after payment to input player/coach/supporter details.

Is there a maximum number of players or supporters that can register per side?
The maximum number of players per side is 25. There is no limit for coaches and/or supporters

I think I may have all the required information of some players; can I put it in now?
Absolutely – we would need jersey numbers, CIPP number (this will only display for US teams), date of birth, players experience and emergency contact information (first name, last name phone number and relationship). If you’re still missing some key pieces, simply select no whem prompted to enter all information today.

What all do I need to know to register coaches or supporters?
You just need to know their name and contact information. However, just like the above you can select no and return at a later date to edit their registration. As long as you at least have names.

How often can I edit my registration?
You can come back as often as youd like to input details. The reservation is considered open up until April 30th, 2016 to continue to edit.

I can’t remember when early registration ends or what happens if I need to transfer my registration?
The Bingham Cup Terms and Conditions are included in the registration process. These cover dates, registrations, transfer rules etc.