Surely, you've heard about all Music City has to offer and while you are more than welcome to explore them all on your own - we have put together a social calendar for the week of Bingham to make sure you get your fill of good music, great food and even better fellowship!

*Note: this social schedule is subject to change as we are still working with venues to secure specials and availability.*

Friday, May 20: The Nashville Grizzlies are planning to host their monthly fundraiser at Play Dance Bar. Be sure to check out more details here.

Saturday, May 21: Saturday night kicks off at our Third Half Bar, Stirrup!

Sunday, May 22: It's pretty much a rite of passage to head over across the river for a Sunday Funday of epic porportions. Bars could include: Drifters, Beyond the Edge and 3Crow. Be sure to check out the Sweet Tea Dance as well!

Monday, May 23: Monday Midtown Mayhem will be a bar crawl of epic proportions as we venture to Winners, Losers and Rebar

Tuesday, May 24:  Tuesday is all about Broadway and we dont mean theatre! The official kick off bar is the one and only Paradise Park Trailer Resort and from there the choices are endless. We suggest Tin Roof, Swingin Doors and Tootsies - just to name a few. 

Wednesday, May 25: By now you've become well acquainted with the city and will want to head to Church Street as we will take in some of the local gay bars in a bar crawl. Stops include Play, Tribe, Canvas and Blue Genes

Thursday, May 26: You're welcome to go out afterwards, but make sure you plan to be at the Opening Ceremonies held on Vanderbilt's lawn. 

Friday, May 27 & Saturday, May 28: No "official" social events planned during tournament play, but the on-campus pub will be open. 

Sunday, May 29: Closing ceremonies will be held at Marathon Music Works and afterwards the Late Party will be held at Play Dance Bar.